As soon as you stop smoking your health starts improving

It’s not just your lungs that recover when you quit…

  • your sense of smell and taste improve
  • your blood pressure drops and your arteries widen (reducing your chance of suffering a stroke)
  • your risk of heart disease drops
  • you’re less likely to get cancer of various types

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Here's what happens after you stub out your last cigarette:

After 20 minutes

Your pulse and heart rate drop as soon as you’ve finished your last cigarette. Your blood pressure starts to return to normal.

After 12 hours

Your body’s carbon monoxide levels return to normal and your oxygen levels increase.

After 1 day

As your blood pressure drops your circulation improves. You’ve already reduced your risk of heart disease from high blood pressure caused by smoking.

After 2 days

Receptors in your nerves begin to heal and your sense of taste and smell will be back to normal.

After 3 days

Your body is now free of nicotine and your energy levels will have increased.

After 2 weeks

Your circulation starts to improve, as does your lung function. This in turn makes physical activity, including walking and running, easier.

Your immune system also starts to improve, so you can fight off colds and flu.

You might also find you don’t feel as tired, and that you get fewer headaches.

From 1 month

You’ll start to cough less and not find yourself as short of breath as when you smoked.

Lung capacity improves by up to 10% within 9 months.

After 1 year

Your risk of coronary heart disease is halved compared to when you were a smoker.

People who quit smoking after having a heart attack reduce their chances of having another heart attack by 50%.

After 5 years

As far as risk of stroke is concerned, you’re approaching the same level as a nonsmoker.

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